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Introduction :

The availability and quality of modern telecommunications services are critical elements for the success of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s economy. Mobile telecommunications services are heavily used by consumers and businesses, either located in Bahrain or visiting the Kingdom. In releasing this study, TRA aimed at evaluating and benchmarking quality levels offered by Mobile Network Operators in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Batelco, STC and, Zain from an end-user perspective, for the following set of services:

  • Voice
  • Short Message Services (SMS)
  • Smartphones data tests (Web surfing, HTTP file transfers)
  • Video streaming assessment using Smartphones
  • Social networks using Smartphones

Disclaimer :

This study is published in accordance with Articles 3(b)(1), 3(c)(2), 3(c)(4) and Article 54 of the Telecommunications Law. The purpose of the study is to evaluate and benchmark Quality Levels offered by Mobile Network Operators, Batelco, STC and Zain, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The independent study was conducted with an objective End-user perspective by Cabinet Directique and does not represent any views of the Authority.

This study is the property of TRA. Any effort to use this Study for any purpose is permitted only upon the Authority’s written consent.

This document contains information and statistics that have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable in regard to the subject matter covered.
This document does not however constitute commercial, legal or other advice however so described. The Telecommunications regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain (the “TRA”) and Directique exclude any warranty and, or liability, expressed or implied, as to the quality, completeness, adequacy and accuracy of the information, statements and statistics contained within this document. This document is a study and it is a non-binding document. It has no legal effect. This document does not represent an official position of the TRA, but is intended to stimulate debate in the part of stakeholders and public. It does not prejudice the form or content of any future proposal by the TRA.

The TRA and Directique reserve the right to change and update the information, statements and statistics provided in this document at its discretion and without prior notification and assumes no obligation to update the document on the basis of suggestions, comments and/or queries made by third parties.
The TRA and Directique assume no responsibility for any consequences that may arise in the absence of such changes and/or updates.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither the TRA or any of its officers however so described or agents nor Directique will assume responsibility and/or liability for any loss or damage, including losses or damages such as loss of goodwill, income, profit or opportunity, or any other claim of third parties, arising from or related to the use of the content of this document.

This publication or parts thereof may only be reproduced or copied with the prior written permission from Directique or TRA Bahrain.

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Population Coverage

of the kingdom population is covered for outdoor use *

Voice Quality

of voice calls with a perfect quality rate

SMS Service

of SMS received within 15 seconds

5G Web Browsing

of webpages downloaded within 10 seconds

5G Download Avg. Speed

of files downloaded with a throughput > 500Mbps on 5G Enhanced Technologies cell sites

5G Upload Avg. Speed

of files uploaded with a throughput > 50Mbps on 5G Enhanced Technologies cell sites

4G Web Browsing

of webpages downloaded within 10 seconds

4G Download Avg. Speed

of files downloaded with a throughput > 2Mbps

4G Upload Avg. Speed

of files uploaded with a throughput > 2Mbps

* all operators meet their licence obligations to cover at least 99% of the population
Quality and performances through years
Web Browsing